dimanche 30 mars 2014

mardi 25 mars 2014

yesterday in yerevan

Yerevan, Armenia. August 2013

cheers! 2

JW Mariott, Business Bay, DXB

mardi 18 mars 2014

weekend resolutions

1. more music
2. back to hanzala
3. painting
4. yoga and meditation

dimanche 16 mars 2014

Ben Franklin effect

A person who has done someone a favor is more likely to do that person another favor than they would be if they had received a favor from that person. 
Similarly, one who harms another is more willing to harm them again than the victim is to retaliate.

dimanche 9 mars 2014

"No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people."

Henry Louis Mencken?

samedi 8 mars 2014

mardi 4 mars 2014


Gloria jean's coffees. Hamra. Beirut

dimanche 2 mars 2014

Mickey, Speed and Africa...

Mickey Mouse and the Medicine Man. Disney, 1951.
The first to apologize is always the bravest. 
The first to forgive is the strongest. 
The first to forget is the happiest.